Thank you for coming to check out the Etheridge Team 2015
Christmas Party Info Page!
Adult Night - Friday, December 18
Family-Friendly Night - Saturday, December 19

Anytime after 5pm
Martie & Johnny's home:
3651 Pirate Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Please RSVP to Maggie at 714.962.4443 today!

The way the party works is we put it on for 2 nights:
The first night is called "Adult Night", is characterized by a more "mature" menu and is more "formal fun".  This is a great night to make a "date night".  Or if your kids are older (or at least act older) and would enjoy a quiet elegant evening, they are welcome to join! 

Our "Family-Friendly Night" is more casual in both style and menu and has been known to include some raucous running around, so (to borrow a phrase) "bring some napkins because it's going to get messy!"  Not messy literally.. just crazy! Ok and maybe a little messy - haha!

We do the parties "open house -style", which means you can show up whenever you want (after 5pm) and stay as long (or as little) as you like.  The food is buffet and bar is open.

We chose the weekend _after_ the Huntington Harbor Boat Parade on purpose.  Martie and Johnny live on one of the manmade Huntington Harbor islands called "Trinidad", and the weekend of the parade is impossible to park on the island.  However, the holiday lights should still be up!  So as we get a group of 10 or so who are ready, we will take a walk through the island park to Johnny's 42' Ocean sportfisher, climb aboard, and take a short cruise around the harbor. 

The cruise is completely OPTIONAL, so please don't feel you have to skip the party if you tend to get seasick or the boat ride doesn't appeal to you.

Last year, Johnny and his son John (owner, Seashore Pest Control - plug plug) invited each and every person who wanted a turn to drive the boat to do so, and kept the cruises going until every single driver had his/her turn. 

PLEASE BRING WARM JACKETS, SCARVES, GLOVES, ETC. as it can get pretty chilly on the park walk and especially on the cruise.  And if you have a PFD (life vest), it would be great if you'd bring that, too.  We have several and will not leave the dock without making sure we have vests for every soul onboard, but if you have your own in your favorite size, it is welcomed.

That's all you need to bring, though.  Well, that and your smiling faces!  And anyone you'd like to bring along to introduce to the Team is absolutely welcome.  That includes significant others, friends, co-workers, in-laws, and of course anyone you'd like us to help with their real estate needs.  We're never too busy for your referrals, as you know!

One request... could you please RSVP ASAP?  And advise us of any food allergies.  We want to make sure we have enough food and goodies for everyone.  Just call or text Maggie at 714.962.4443.  THANK YOU!


P.S. You can click HERE to see some photos from last year's party!

Edward Ureno
Edward Ureno
The Etheridge Team