The Etheridge Team

Client Community Throughout OC And Long Beach

Why do we refer to the family of our past clients as a “community”?  I’m glad you asked!

Since Martie has been actively selling real estate full time since 1972, she has sold nearly every tract in Orange County from the day it was newly built.  This gives her and us her protégés amazing insight and ability to connect buyers with floorplans and areas that uniquely fit their wishes and goals.  Knowing the type of buyer profile who is attracted to each tract makes us more effective marketing our sellers’ listings worldwide with individualized targeted marketing messages designed for each fitting profile.  You will notice our marketing materials don’t appear cookie-cutter, but are carefully crafted to each unique property’s most likely buyers.

Because we devote all of our ongoing efforts to serve those clients who have already worked with us, our clients know we are there for them over the long term, and they trust us to look after those they care about when they refer us, which we’re honored to say is often!  When we know we’re going to be caring for our clients for the years and years they enjoy the home or investment we helped them buy, we’re more likely than the typical agent to take care to encourage a healthy purchase, both financially and culturally. We have many clients who started with their first 1-bedroom condo purchase in the 70’s who now own 7-figure homes and/or a healthy repertoire of investment units, and are today working with those clients’ grandchildren to perpetuate the cycle of success.

Truly knowing and caring about our past clients and their friends’ and family’s needs and wishes makes it possible to learn way ahead of time of people getting ready to buy or considering selling – our own internal MLS if you will – that frequently leads to our own quality clients coming together with quality properties that we may have even sold a few times over the decades that we know each owner has benefitted from owning.

Our dedication to keeping in touch with our clients from Long Beach to San Clemente, Cerritos and Brea to Rancho Santa Margarita and Ladera Ranch, keeps us uniquely informed on what it’s really like to live in these neighborhoods, current issues and opportunities, and that up-to-date knowledge has immeasurable benefit to those relying on us to get their property sold or get them into a home or investment they will love.

Check out our client testimonials for some specific stories about how the folks in our sphere of influence are genuinely a “community” of our own.  We’re looking forward to counting you among our happy clients county-wide, and your experiencing our “client appreciation program” and a lifetime of follow up for yourself!