What is Real Estate to the Power of E?

Experience.  Ethics.  Excellence.  
Welcome to real estate to the Power of E.

Martie and The Etheridge Team have always prided ourselves on being different.  While other agents were taking out ads on bus benches, we were fully devoting ourselves to our past clients, both those who buy and sell property every year as well as those who bought their homes with Martie in 1972 and haven’t moved since.  And we count on those happy clients to supply us with our future business.  While other agents are paying for leads from real estate websites or doing pay-per-click ads to get their next customer, our satisfied buyers and sellers, who we’ve been serving for the one, two, twenty-five or more years since their transaction, introduce us to ours

It’s a great way to work: the clients we’ve loved serving refer us to kind, intelligent, reasonable friends through the thick and thin of the real estate market.  And, as we carry on considering what it’s going to be like for today’s customer one, five, ten, or even 45 years from now, we get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from conducting business with integrity.

Here’s our mission statement:

The Etheridge Team mission is to EARN client loyalty and referrals by:
   * being r
esponsible for ideal real estate buying and selling experiences
   * s
erving as an ongoing resource for property ownership answers and assistance
   * helping you achi
eve your vision of real estate portfolio "success"

We call the benefits of working with our team “The Power of E”. 
Experience.  Ethics.  Education.  Expertise.  Electronics.  Energy.  Effectiveness. Endurance.  Excellence…

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram or by good old fashioned phone, text, email or in person, and become part of our inner circle. Then ask us for property ownership answers or assistance and tap into The Power of E for yourself! 


Are you thinking of buying a home in Orange County (or Long Beach)?
You can start here at our website searching for homes, or at any portal you like, or we can set up a search for you that taps directly into the private Multiple Listing System so you will be notified immediately of matches the instant they come on the market.  We're going to ask for your contact info, but we're not going to stalk you or hound you.  That's no way to begin a long-term service relationship.  We're just going to provide you unique and useful information that we hope will earn your trust and loyalty organically.

Finding the right home can be a difficult process. And even after finding it, you need an expert negotiator to get it for you, and to get you through the escrow and after that through your questions as a new homeowner or investor.  Chances are, you're here at our site because one of the thousands of buyers we've served has been telling you the benefits of having The Etheridge Team as your advocate, right?  

What is the experience your friend had with us that has earned their loyalty and urged them to introduce us to you?  
  • Was it how we helped them find the right property by providing hi- (or lo-) tech searching and communication tools and area information that only agents with our level of expertise can provide? ..demographics, school info, floorplans, tax info, HOA info, and simple personal anecdotes from our 4 decades of knowing the areas?  
  • Was it how we walked them through and simplified the mountains of paperwork? (Ask someone you know who bought with someone else - did the agent show up at the loan document signing?)
  • Was it how we fiercely but fairly negotiated on their behalf throughout the transaction? 
  • Most likely, it was about how, when it was all done and they were the new owner, that our service continued: answering their homeownership questions for years to come, free of charge!  

Need someone to meet the cable guy? Have you read an article that's got you confused about a new law?  Need a referral to a carpet cleaner? Wondering what remodels will make the most difference to your property's value?  Need help getting the county assessor to correct the value on your property tax? We've done all this and more for our past clients, and we can't wait to help you, too!

Thinking about selling real estate in Orange County (or Long Beach)?
There are so many benefits to choosing The Etheridge Team to market your property, it's hard to decide which ones to list here.  Again, you're probably checking us out today because one of our thousands of satisfied sellers has referred you to us, right?  

  • Was it our expert property staging, included at no extra charge with every listing, that your friend is raving about?  
  • Was it the little things we did to keep them informed that lowered the stress of selling? 
  • Was it the speed at which we got them a record price for their area? 
  • Was it our superior marketing materials like premium quality photography and videography, professionally graphic-designed brochures, or dedicated websites?  
  • Was it the expertise that led to a correct marketing strategy, including pricing, targeted marketing campaign, full social and industry networking, and utilizing state-of-the-art technology for maximum exposure? 
  • Was it the way we prepared them and protected them so they always knew what to expect?

What's going to be the benefit that turns you into our next raving fan? Our service to you is a relationship we plan to have for life, completely customized to your goals and personality. We can't wait to get to know you! 

Thank you for visiting, and thank you to the member of our client family who referred you.
Edward Ureno
Edward Ureno
The Etheridge Team

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