The Etheridge Team

Nancy Krescanko and John Mercurio

This is just a small testimonial on your behalf, I hope when others read this they too make the correct decision and hire you and The Etheridge Team to guide them through one of the largest and important investments in most people’s lives:

When my son John and I decided to start to look for a piece of property to purchase my thoughts were; it’s a “buyers market”, I’ve purchased property before, I have good credit, a solid job and a reasonable down payment…this should be easy.  Well, as the song goes…”Times they are a changing”.  We soon found out that yes there are “great deals” but there are also… great challenges!

Luckily, we had Edward (Eddie)Ureno from The Etheridge Team to guide us through the entire process.  Right from the start we realized we made the right decision.  He listened to our needs; patiently helped us locate the best area to buy and stayed by our side from the very beginning to the day we moved in!  He also accommodated seeing property to my schedule and ALWASY returned my calls, and stayed “on point.”

His well-researched advice gave us an excellent understanding of the current real estate market and his calm, patient and professional manner really paid off during the offers and counter offers as he guided us through the difficult negotiations involved in short sales and bankruptcies

I could write pages about our trials and tribulations on trying to buy short sale and bankruptcy properties, but the bottom line is simple:  You have to have an experienced professional to get you through the process!

We have the property that we have today because of the exceptional skills and the “true professionalism” not only with Edward Ureno but the entire staff at The Etheridge Team

We are truly grateful
Nancy Krescanko and John Mercurio