The Etheridge Team

Noel Tabio

Thank you to the entire Etheridge Team: this being the second home you helped us purchase (and first you help us sell) I can say that the service and the dedication that we experienced for both transactions were truly exceptional! As we slowly get settled in our new home, its amazing to think that just a few months back, our dream house was just that… a dream. You made it happen for us. I am very pleased to say that you have exceeded our expectations where in fact the house that we purchased was a “short sale”. At one point, I conceded that we may not be able to sell, that we have to stay in a hotel since we did not want the risk of losing a qualified buyer and or risk selling our house without a replacement property. In the end, none of these scenarios happened. What did happen was instilling in me the confidence that you will make both transactions happen. Your daily updates and planning further gave me confidence that you had full faith that both transactions would be successful. You were right! You pushed both sides and feverishly tied all loose ends. And it worked out. I could not have wished for a better timing as it was absolutely perfect. And the resources…the handymen, the movers, the carpet cleaners you recommended made the entire process much, much easier.